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As well as your health, HIV can impact many other areas of life. These pages deal with some of the non-medical issues that people living with HIV can face. 

You'll find specific information on HIV treatment, healthy living and other health conditions on the Health and treatments page.

Sex and relationships

Having HIV can create challenges when negotiating sex or forming a relationship. However, e verybody has the right to form intimate relationships and to enjoy a satisfying sex life; and people living with HIV are no exception. Also see Sexual health .

Stigma and discrimination

More than three decades after the first cases of AIDS were diagnosed in Australia people living with HIV still face unacceptable levels of discrimination and stigma.


Immigrating to another country is a major life-changing event and it can present additional challenges if you are HIV positive. Despite some progression in the area, many countries still carry restrictions on entry for people with HIV. Unfortunately, Australia is amongst them. That said, many...

Just diagnosed

Dealing with a positive diagnosis and coming to terms with the challenge of living with HIV is never easy. But today the prospects for successful treatment and increased life expectancy are better than ever before, and there are a wide range of support services available to help people living with...

Finances and insurance

For people living with HIV, wellbeing means more than just the absence of illness. Access to income support when needed, to appropriate employment and to safe housing are all vital for a healthy life. NAPWHA works to ensure that governments and service providers understand and respond to the needs...


NAPWHA has long been involved in and committed to issues of equality and freedom of movement. With proper treatment, people living with HIV lead full and active lives, including traveling for business and pleasure. However, there are many things to consider if you are planning a trip outside...