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Travel restriction for people on DSP

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17 Nov 2014

A Bill limiting the time a person on the Disability Support Pension can travel overseas has passed the Senate. The Social Services Amendment Bill 2014 restricts overseas travel to four weeks per year. This differs from the six-week portability allowance of other welfare payments including carer’s payments.

Kate Finch of People with Disability Australia (PDWA) has been quick to respond to the move. “This measure is discriminatory on disability,” said Finch. “In addition, the restriction of four weeks for DSP portability contradicts the National Disability Insurance Scheme legislation under which people on NDIS packages can travel six weeks per year.”

Finch added: “For people with terminal illness and debilitating disability travelling is so physically demanding that they require periods of rest between journeys. The restriction of the travel allowance from six to four weeks will make the prospect of travel impossible for some people.”