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NAPWHA welcomes David Pieper

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12 Oct 2017

By 2020 it is estimated that almost half of people living with HIV in Australia will be over the age of 50 years. The ageing process for people living with HIV is characterised by multiple co-morbidities, including higher rates of psychological distress and neurocognitive impairment than the general population. NAPWHA has undertaken to quantify and qualify this phenomenon and its impacts on the care and support frameworks that will be required to respond to it. In that regard, NAPWHA is pleased to welcome David Pieper to the organisation as Project Worker — HIV & Ageing. 

David has spent the past five years as Campaigns Coordinator at Hepatitis NSW, where he developed a grass-roots community advocacy project and led members of the hepatitis-affected community in campaigning for a range of advocacy issues — including access to the cure for hepatitis C in Australia. He is proud to have played a part in changing the lives of so many people with hepatitis C and is committed to empowering community advocates through community-based campaigning. David brings to the role of  Project Worker — HIV & Ageing previous experience from the age-care sector in the UK and is a director of Positive Life NSW.