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NAPWHA pays tribute to Brent Allan

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23 Aug 2017

The National Association of People with HIV Australia (NAPWHA) would like to acknowledge the extraordinary contribution Brent Allan has made as CEO of Living Positive Victoria. Brent has announced his resignation after five and a half years leading the organisation on behalf of people with HIV in Victoria.

"We owe Brent a great debt of gratitude for his determination, vision and leadership, especially in relation to the Positive Leadership Development Institute (PLDI). PLDI has helped over 250 people with HIV learn leadership and resilience skills to help other people with HIV deal with the challenges of living with the virus," said Cipri Martinez, President of NAPWHA. "Brent’s perseverance with fundraising was crucial in getting the Institute up and running.

"Under his leadership, Living Positive Victoria has grown and become a major player in HIV advocacy in Victoria. His work on awareness campaigns to counter HIV stigma has been particularly important and followed by other HIV organisations around the country.

"Through NAPWHA, Brent has played a crucial role as a key leader in Australia’s HIV response — most importantly on the NAPWHA Board and as part of NAPWHA’s Poz Action leadership team. Brent has also been a global leader, playing a critical role in the planning for the successful IAS Conference in Melbourne in 2014.

“NAPWHA members and staff wish to give a heartfelt thanks to Brent for his exceptional work for people living with HIV and the sector since the mid-1990s. We wish him well with his future endeavours and thank him for his invaluable leadership in the HIV response," said Martinez.