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30 Mar 2015

The Australian HIV Observational Database Temporary Residents Access Study (ATRAS) which commenced in November 2011 now has more than two years of follow-up data.

The main objectives of ATRAS are to provide systematically collected information on visa status and HIV-related information for a subgroup of HIV positive patients who are ineligible for antiretroviral treatment via Medicare.

This report is a follow-up on the first report released in October 2013 with a specific focus on the long-term outcomes of ATRAS patients in particular changes in Medicare eligibility status, HIV treatment response, and updated estimates of the current number of HIV-positive patients who are temporary residents and ineligible for Medicare supported ART in Australia.

In addition, this report includes mathematical modelling on HIV transmission rates and costs associated with treating all HIV-positive temporary residents ineligible for Medicare.

Access the full report here.