Truvada trials underway

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13 Aug 2014

Truvada trials are currently underway in Australia. A dual oral combination of tenofovir and emtricitabine, Truvada has been recommended by the World Health Organisation, the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, and the US Food and Drug Administration as a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for those at high risk of contracting HIV such as gay and bisexual men, sex workers, and negative partners of people with HIV.

PrEP involves someone who is HIV negative taking antiretroviral drugs to reduce the risk of becoming infected with the virus. Used daily, Truvada has been found to be upwards of 92% effective in preventing HIV transmission. 

Yet Truvada comes with contentious baggage. Some experts fear Truvada will be perceived as some kind of ‘magic bullet’ or ‘party drug’ that will encourage gay men to engage in sex without condoms, potentially exposing them to other sexually transmitted infections.