New anal condom being tested

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Post by Adrian Ogier31 May 2013

A new condom designed exclusively for anal intercourse is currently being tested. Pending large-scale clinical trials and FDA approval, it is expected to hit the market in early 2015.

The bonus of the anal condom is that it can be worn internally.

This means that the receptive partner can now take the initiative and it eliminates the need for the insertive partner to wear a condom.

The Origami anal condom is made of silicone and does not need to be unrolled. A simple insertion method anchors the condom and its internal lubrication and shape apparently help make anal sex a safe and pleasurable experience for both partners.

Also included in the Origami range are newly designed male and female condoms.

Unlike the conventional rolled latex condom, the male version functions much like a concertina. It provides a reciprocating motion of the penis inside the internally lubricated condom, something not possible with rolled latex condoms.