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Symptoms of anal problems include discomfort, itchiness or pain, discharge or bleeding, lumps, bumps, ulcers or sores. If you have any of these symptoms seek professional advice right away. Vaccinating against Human papillomavirus and incorporating an anal screening exam into your regular STI check-up are two methods to help prevent contracting anal cancer.

Anal cancer is the most common non-AIDS defining cancer in someone living with HIV in Australia and gay men are more than 20 times more likely than others to develop the condition. Early diagnosis increases the chance of treatment curing the cancer. 

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Saving your arse

HIV is a sneaky bugger. As soon as we think we’ve got it cornered, other complications emerge. Now, it transpires that even on successful treatment we’re still more susceptible to particular cancers...

Anal cancer too high among PLHIV

"Unacceptably high" is how a world expert on anal cancer describes the current rates of anal cancer amongst HIV- positive people. "In the US we are seeing rates of around 100 cases per 100,000,"...

An elephant in the room?

Every country with good records of cancer of those living with HIV has observed that despite marked improvements in how we manage HIV, the rates of anal cancer are not declining as they have for...