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19 Jun 2014

Positive Life NSW is highlighting the advantages of being on HIV treatment in a new campaign launched on World AIDS Day 2013. The campaign asks people with HIV who aren’t on treatment to think seriously about their choices on starting treatment and will appear across multiple media channels during 2013-2014.

Recent statistics show that maybe as few as 50% of all people diagnosed with HIV in Australia are treating  

Modern HIV treatments are now much safer, easier to take and highly effective at suppressing the virus.

There is also compelling evidence that treating HIV earlier can reduce the amount of latent HIV held in reservoirs, reduce the amount of chronic inflammation that HIV causes in the body, and prevent the onset of other serious chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, bone thinning and neurological impairment later in life.

Someone on treatment with an undetectable viral load is also far less likely to pass on HIV to their HIV negative sexual partner/s.

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