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11 Jun 2014

This site has been designed to provide accessible, clear information to assist you to make informed decisions on how you can lead healthier lives. It explains the various important body systems that can be affected by HIV infection and anti-HIV treatments, and the health benefits that can be achieved by taking action now. It also explains how different areas of your social life can have an impact on your health, and gives some tips to consider.

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Information on this site is provided as general advice. Where appropriate, further advice should be sought from a medical practitioner.

The website includes information on:

  • Staying Social
  • Body Language, an interactive section that allows users to select male or female and learn more about health issues that can affect them by navigating the map of the body.
  • Tools and Resources, such as related links and contacts and support services
  • What’s Hot, with RSS feeds, events, and social media (Australian and global) to follow
  • A Checklist for Healthy Living, a one page checklist with links to more information
  • A live feed of national and international HIV-related twitter accounts to give the user another way to access information appropriate for them.