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Moderate exercise is beneficial to everyone. Exercise stimulates the immune system and can boost your mood while keeping fit reduces the risk of a range of illnesses. 

Thirty to forty minutes every second day should keep everything in order: providing you are also getting enough sleep, not smoking, drinking in moderation and eating good food.

Gentle exercise #1

Regular yoga practice helps with joint and muscle stiffness. It can increase flexibility, confidence and concentration. It can even assist with digestive problems and depression. If you have never...

Deanna: exercise can transform you

Eight years ago Deanna was overweight and having trouble with antiretroviral drugs (ARVs). Becoming pregnant was the impetus for a change in how she approached managing her health. Deanna transformed...

Building dem bones

Bone mineral density loss can be a complication of having HIV. This means people living with HIV ( PLHIV ) are at a greater risk of experiencing a bone fracture. Bone loss has been associated with...