Alcohol and other drugs

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If you drink alcohol or use another drug, as with any indulgence, moderation is key.

Overuse any drug and you risk damaging your health and in some cases your HIV treatment outcomes.  

If you depend on alcohol or another drug, it is a good idea to review what is going on in your life and to find some strategies for making change. Perhaps start by reading the article below on changing how you use.

If you want to stop but find it just too hard, help is available. Start by talking to your doctor or contact your PLHIV organisation for advice.

Living within boundaries

Over the last 18 months Scott has stopped smoking and cut his drug use. He’s had to find different ways to fill the weekends. Doing that without getting bored was a struggle at first, but Scott has...

Life in the fast lane

Drugs and alcohol became a dominant force in my life when my sexuality began to emerge around the age of 14. I was copping a great deal of flack at high school and there was nothing I looked forward...