Will you live to 81?

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Post by AIDSmap28 Feb 2014

A UK study (UK-CHIC) has found that a 35-year-old man living with HIV today with a CD4 count between 350 and 500 can expect to live to 77 years; if his CD4 count is above 500, this rises to 81 years (not adjusted for risk factors), which is statistically indistinguishable from the general population.

The most heartening news regarding life expectancy has been found in studies in some developing countries. In Uganda, for instance, the average lifespan of a 35-year-old man with HIV on treatment is now 51 years, for women it is 67.5 years. This is approaching equivalence with the general population.

Another study published in October found that, at age 30, HIV-positive men in the US can expect to live to 77 years and HIV positive women 81 years.

The same study found that, in 1997, average life expectancy, even for those PLHIV taking combination antiretroviral therapy, was only 21 years at age 26 – meaning they could expect, on average, to die at age 47.